Hill Stations


Known as the Queen of Hill Stations, Ooty is a popular tourist destination located about 86 kilometers from Coimbatore. It's famous for its cool climate, tea plantations, and picturesque landscapes.


Another hill station near Coimbatore, Coonoor offers stunning views of the Nilgiri Hills. It's less crowded compared to Ooty and is known for its lush greenery, tea gardens, and scenic train rides.

Water Falls

Kovai Kutralam Falls

Located around 35 kilometers from Coimbatore, Kovai Kutralam is a scenic waterfall nestled amidst the Western Ghats. It's a popular picnic spot and attracts visitors with its natural beauty.

Siruvani Waterfalls

About 37 kilometers from Coimbatore, Siruvani Waterfalls is famous for its pristine waters. It's located in the midst of dense forests and offers a tranquil ambiance for visitors.

Wildlife & Nature

Anamalai Tiger Reserve

Situated around 90 kilometers from Coimbatore, the Anamalai Tiger Reserve is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, including endangered species like the Bengal tiger and Indian elephant. Visitors can enjoy wildlife safaris and nature trails here.


Marudhamalai Hill Temple

This ancient temple dedicated to Lord Murugan is located about 15 kilometers from Coimbatore. Situated atop a hill, the temple offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple

Located around 30 kilometers from Coimbatore, this unique temple is dedicated to meditation and spiritual well-being. It's known for its serene ambiance and architectural beauty.

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